Syndicate Bank

Syndicate Bank looks strong on current level. stop lose is @51 on closing basis. minimum target is 67.


PFC is looking positive and attractive on this level, PFC can be buy between 80-84 with stop lose on closing basis at 77. target is yours. I am bullish for target of 140 minimum with medium term horizon.

Ashok Leyland Ltd.

I suggest this stock long term investment and multibegger return expected from Ashok as per your choise. as it is recommonded for long term so not require to give stop lose but for your safety and as per current market condition please maintain short term stop lose of 110…

Candlestick Chart

Today’s time many peoples and technician working with candlestick charts. a trader must have knowledge of candles for day to day trade and we have to understand that using of indicator along with candles is best interpritation of a trade, we will start with basics of candles: there a two…

Debt to Equity Ratio

Debt to Equity Rario : इक्विटी रेश्यो के लिए ऋण एक वित्तीय, तरलता अनुपात है जो कुल इक्विटी के लिए कंपनी के कुल ऋण की तुलना करता है इक्विटी अनुपात के लिए ऋण लेनदारों और निवेशकों से आता है जो कंपनी के वित्तपोषण का प्रतिशत दिखाता है। इक्विटी अनुपात के…

Long Losition

This time we are selecting Aurion pro Solutions. keep this with target of 350, 400. AurionPro Solution is a regular dividend paying company. It’s a must have poryfolio and multibegger stock.

Long Position

We are looking longs in Aurobindo Pharma. We are expecting target of Rs.800. We are keeping Stop lose Rs.650 on weekly closing basis.